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A Full Line of Quality Products

Our Products Represent State-Of-The-Art Tech in the Most Reliable Solutions Available

Advanced Radiant Products services include system design and sizing, system ROI and budgeting, onsite installation, instruction and troubleshooting. ARP,Inc. operates a large equipment and parts inventory warehouse in Columbus, Ohio.

NOTE: All Will-Call Parts pick-up is by appointment only.

Low Intensity Infrared
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Low Intensity Infrared Solutions

Infrared is an energy efficient heating solution for commercial and industrial applications. Our product range includes fully-customized CORAYVAC® Infrared Heating Systems, VANTAGE® Radiant Heaters, GORDONRAY® Infrared Tube Heaters, CARIBE® Commerical Radiant Heaters.

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Customized Engineered Infrared Heating Systems for Total Industrial Building Comfort

Vantage Products Image

Premium Quality Energy Efficient Heating Options for Industrial and Commercial Comfort

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Economical, Reliable Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Spaces

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Factory-Assembled, Residential/Light Commercial Radiant Heaters

High Intensity Products
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High Intensity Infrared Solutions - Radiant Spot Heaters (Gas and Electric Models)

High intensity gas and electric infrared heaters are perfect for indoor and outdoor commercial/industrial and outdoor residential spaces. Because of their intensity, these heaters can be installed at taller mounting heights, such as ceiloing rafters or on walls.


Easy to install and built with heavy-duty components, our gas-fired, high intensity, radiant heaters are designed to last. To maximize efficiency and occupant comfort, heat is directed where it’s needed most. This “spot heating” is perfect for areas where there is a high demand for heat, such as bay doors and loading docks.

Ceiling hung, high intensity heaters are available in natural gas or propane and can be mounted horizontal or up to 35° from horizontal, directing heat only where needed, ensuring optimum efficiency and occupant comfort.

Shipping Dock Heaters Forklift
Ice Rink Heaters
Electric Heating Solutions




Simply open the box, connect electric, hang and heat. Our electric high intensity infrared heaters offer high performance radiant heating for outdoor residential or indoor/outdoor industrial/commercial areas alike. 

Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to heat your outdoor dining area or a home owner just looking to heat your patio, we have you covered.

Electric Infrared Stone Patio
Motocycle Shop / Garage Heating Solutions
NEL-1500 Electric Heater


Maximum Radiant Output Icon

Exclusive honeycomb tile ceramic burner design (up to 1800 °F surface temperature) and secondary          re-radiating surface of high temperature, stainless steel rods provides maximum radiant output.

Energy Efficient Icon

Highly efficient, aluminum reflectors direct energy on people, floors and objects below provides greater comfort at lower air temperatures, while using less energy.

Maintenance and Service Icon

Completely factory assembled, requires no field assembly, easy to ship and install.

Design and Design Flexibility Icon

Wide range of Btu/h inputs and angle mounting options provide design flexibility; perfect for replacing existing high intensity ceramic heaters.

Durable heavy-Duty Construction Icon

Corrosion resistant, aluminized steel body/burner head and stainless-steel tile retainer provide durable construction.

Peace of Mind Icon

5-year limited ceramic burner warranty and 1-year limited warranty on heater’s control assembly components, provide peace of mind.

Certified Icon

CSA certified to ANSI Z83.19 and CSA 2.34 (NOT certified for residential use).

Safety and Safe Design Icon

Equipped with 100% gas shut-off control and reliable 24V direct spark ignition for safety.

Infrared Heating Controls
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Radiant Heating Controls

Radiant infrared heating controls for modulation and zoning that pair with our radiant heaters to create ultimate comfort at the best energy savings possible.





CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating control provides additional fuel savings by measuring outdoor air temperatures to match system input to the building heat-loss.


Capable of operating up to two heating systems and four heating zones. These controls provide total infrared heating system management through touchscreen, off-site connectivity, or pre-programmed thermostats


CORAYVAC® Modulating Heating Control modulates system firing rate continuously (not staged) between 60% and 100% of total designed firing rate. For Zone Temperature Sensors, one sensor is required per each zone. Four zones total between two pumps are available.

Electric Infrared Heaters
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High-Performance Electric Infrared Heaters

High intensity, electric infrared heaters are a quick and easy way to bring the warmth of the sun to outdoor patios, vestibules, restaurants, and any areas requiring focused heat.


Energy Efficient Infrared Heating Right out of the Box

Our electric infrared heaters offer high performance radiant heating for indoor and outdoor commercial/industrial and outdoor residential spaces alike.  The durable quartz emitter provides long lasting performance in all weather conditions while emitting a soft, radiant glow.  And with three sizes and several mounting and control options, we have the solution for your building.

River Works Arena


Installation, operation, and service do not get any easier than with these electric patio heaters.  Simply take our 1500w outside electric heater out of the box, mount it on the wall, plug it in, and enjoy!  Even our 3000w and 6000w electric heaters require minimal wiring and are up and running quickly.

The heater can be mounted on a ceiling and directed straight down, orcan be wall mounted and angled anywhere between 38° to 70°. The supplied wall brackets provide this flexibility.

Electric Infrared Stone Patio
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